The Household Appliance that Releases 600 Potentially Dangerous Chemicals into the Air


i loathe, despise, and hate the trespassing of laundry stink in my neighbourhood and its ubiquitous stench on people’s clothing.  especially when it all goes into the water system!  i can’t understand why people want to smell like a laundromat except that i recognize that  (a) the marketing of amoral products like these is pervasive and powerful to a society trained to be uncritical, and (b) most people don’t know there are alternatives because they have been trained not to find out what is good for them.  so read this and save your health, your pets’ health, your children’s health, your neighbours’ health, and the health of the environment by never ever buying these reeking products again and supporting Big Chem and Big Pharma!  please!.-naturallybent

By Dr. Mercola

The scent is unmistakable. Anyone who’s ever taken a stroll through their neighborhood has picked up the familiar scent of laundry products wafting from dryer exhaust vents everywhere.

But have you ever wondered what’s in these common laundry products?

The familiar “clean” scent of fabric softeners actually comes from a deceptively toxic blend of chemicals that have escaped regulation and are silently contributing to a number of health problems for unsuspecting consumers.

Thanks to the work of a few concerned scientists, the dangers of these products are finally beginning to see the light of day.

First, dryer exhaust contains carbon monoxide, an odorless gas posing well-known health dangers, depending on the concentration in which it’s inhaled. Consider this if your child’s bedroom window is close to your dryer vent.

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Take a minute to think about this. WATCH

it’s a short film on Chemtrails and how the government or whoevers in charge is spraying high amounts of metals into the sky “trying” to stop global warming. And end up causing more problems than they were trying to fix. 


I looked outside and was not thrilled when I seen this…

It WAS a nice day, now it’s going to get all hazy and I’m going to be sneezing until these things dissipate.

And by “things” I mean chemtrails.

Don’t give me that “they are contrails” shit. 

The UK-based, international campaign group, the Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) recently revealed data showing that compared to supplements, an individual is: Around 900 times more likely to die from food poisoning Nearly

It didn’t take long for the Internet to start buzzing with conspiracy theories after the Social Security Administration posted a notice that it was purchasing 174,000 hollow-point bullets. Why is the agency that provides benefits to retirees,